Wireless Inputs

The LynxWLS wireless network receiver communicates with the LynxGuide server via your network.
When the LynxWLS is activated from any of the wireless transmitters, a small message is sent to
the LynxGuide server. That message can then activate any of the Lynx system Output devices.



The LynxWLS is a networked wireless receiver that transmits messages alarms the LynxGuide server. The built-in web server is used to configure the LynxWLS and program the wireless transmitter.  It supports low battery indication from the remote transmitters, loss of supervision signaling, and tamper indication. Any of the following 900 MHz wireless transmitter products can be used with the system.

Part Number LYNX-WLS-3



LynxWLS Wireless Monitor

The Wireless Monitor was designed to operate either as a standalone wireless solution or as part of the Lynx system. It is ideal for locations such as Lobbies, Human Resources, Clinics and off sites that need to receive local alarms and either need a standalone system or be part of the larger LYNX network solution. It is also ideal if you have contract security that may not have access to a network computer to receive alarms. The Monitor simply needs to be within the wireless coverage area. Up to 8 Monitors may be used with one Lynx-WLS receiver.

Part Number LYNX-MON-0

LynxWLS Wireless Monitor


LynxWLS Wireless Indoor Wall Mounted Button

The indoor wall mounted wireless button is available without a  cover. The text is customized based on your application. It instantly sends a wireless alert to the Lynx-WLS receiver. Available hardwired.

Avail: Yellow, Blue, Red, White, Green

Dims: 5” (H), 4.5” (W), 3.3” (D)  1lbs.

Part Number LYNX-WLT-IDPNC-1


LynxWLS Wireless Indoor Wall Mounted Button

The simple to install indoor wall mounted wireless button has a clear cover. Custom text and color based on your application. It instantly sends a wireless alert to the Lynx-WLS receiver. 

Available hardwired for Lynx input boxes

Avail: Yellow, Blue, Red, White, Green

Dims: 8.5” (H), 5.5” (W), 4.5” (D)  3lbs.

Part Number LYNX-WLT-IDPNC-2


LynxWLS Wireless Panic Button

The momentary (not push and hold) HUB Wireless Duress alarm is a supervised universal transmitter with a 6” wire connected to a HUB duress button. It is totally standalone battery powered.

Part Number LYNX-WLT-IDPNC-3 Momentary
Part Number LYNX-WLT-IDPNC-4 Locking


LynxWLS Wireless Outdoor Button

The 950-WLT-ODPNC-3 battery powered, large, visible outdoor wireless Panic Box - Ideal for parking lots, garages and remote areas. Includes Enclosure Mounting Backplate, Pole Mounting Bracket w/Fasteners, Wall Mount Clips, Aluminum Powder-Coated,  Weatherproof Red Panic Button. 

Dims: 12”(H), 10”(W), 6"(D)

Part Number LYNX-WLT-ODPNC-3